Why blog on this topic?

I have been fascinated with hotels ever since I first saw one. Coming from a middle class family and growing up in Gole Market area of Delhi, this meant regularly seeing Hotels like Taj Palace, Taj Mansingh, Le Meridien, Hotel Ashoka and the erstwhile Hotel Kanishka which has now been replaced by Hotel Shangri La. I saw the Hotel Metropolitan Nikko coming up in Gole Market almost ground up.

I remember seeing these tall and attractive buildings in awe and thinking to myself whether I will be staying in some of them.

As I grew older and reached the stage where I had to plan my graduation, the subject of Hotel Management came up but my interest lay in the media and communication field and that’s what I chose which was probably a good decision because my profession has really allowed me to visit and experience so many good Hotels across various cities within India and even globally.

I have been writing some reviews on Trip Advisor so far but this is where I will be sharing my experiences of the past and new experiences going forward. If you are reading this then thank you for taking out the times and keep reading my blog. You can share your feedback on Blog or else reach out to me on maheshanand26@gmail.com.



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