First brush with Hotels

As I mentioned in the first post, my experience had been limited to seeing hotels from outside for quite a few years.

The first brush of staying at Hotels really started from religious destinations. We used to travel to Hardiwar and Rishikesh almost every year in the mid to late 90’s. While, decent hotels had started coming up in Hardiwar and Rishikesh by then we usually preferred to stay at the UP Government (It hadn’t become Uttarakhand till then) guest houses.  I remember that Haridwar one also used to have a kind of private ghat with Ganga river.

From my memory I can say that the rooms were pretty large, clean and the property was very well maintained. The only issue was that service was always slow which was kind of expected.

I am not sure about now but around those years the best locations were bagged by the Government guest houses. You can check them out at


Anyways, this started the process of going into new places, making a Hotel room home for some nights and to experience food. While on food and Haridwar/ Rishikesh, I remember that a place called Chotiwala used to be really famous and definitely served nice food. However, we stopped visiting it once a waiter tried to pass of dirty water as Ganga water.

My recommendation for visiting anywhere in India will be to check out the Government owned properties. They may just be the best located properties in the area.

In my next blogs, I will be writing on some of my tips for choosing Hotels and my experiences with various Hotels.

I am also going to share latest updates from Hotel industry wherever possible.

Thanks for reading.

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