Tips to book a Hotel at best rate

Who doesn’t mind a good deal. I remember a dialogue from an Om Puri film in which he is trying to negotiate a deal – “I am negotiating not because I am poor but because I am frugal.”

This is absolutely true of Hotels where with a little effort you can try and get the best deal or else maximum value for yourself.

Here are some tips based on my experience.

  1. Compare the prices – Compare the prices from various travel websites like Cleartrip, Makemytrip, Yaatra, and Expedia etc. Ofcourse Trivago says that it compares prices from all these sites but I have never tried it yet.
  2. Be careful that when you are comparing prices on portals then the parameters are same. For example, some may show deal without Free Wifi and breakfast and others including it.
  3. Compare these prices with the prices on the Hotel’s website and booking engine. Definitely check out the special deals section on the website. You never know what offers might be existing that you don’t know about
  4. Use your network – We all have lot of friends in different careers. It will be a good idea to check around if there is any common friend in the hospitality industry. The best deals are always possible through someone within the industry. I have been lucky to book Hotel Trident in Udaipur and ITC Mughal in Agra with references and got great deals.
  5. Check your credit card offers. Many credit cards offer memberships of Hotels and will help in either accumulating points or some special privileges.
  6. Always sign up for Hotel loyalty programs. Most hotels have a loyalty club and its good to enrol since you will start getting points and mails with offers that may be beneficial
  7. Travel on weekdays if time permits. If traveling on a weekday is possible for you then prefer that as lot of times hotels availability is higher on week days and the rooms might be available at a better cost as compared to weekends.

Well, here are some tips for a good deal. I will soon write on how to select the best hotels as per your tastes

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