Tips to choose the right hotel when traveling on work

One of the most important questions when planning travel to a new city is definitely shortlisting the Hotel. I think it’s a boon now that we have so many Apps showing us most of the Hotels in the city and a platform like Tripadvisor which gives us ratings of users. However, you need to factor in many things before deciding the hotel and I will share some of my experiences and tips here for travel which is on work. In quite a few cases there are preferred hotels due to corporate tie-ups or group travel necessitating travel in a particular hotel. The tips here are relevant when you have freedom to choose your own hotel.

  1. Budget – Typically in a corporate travel there is a defined budget. You can compare the costs and choose Hotels which fit in the budget. However, I would recommend that you can see the difference of your preferred hotel vis-a-vis the budget. You shouldn’t compromise the Hotel for a little bit of cost difference
  2. The total cost of travel – Sometimes in the quest of a hotel within budget, we tend to stay far from the centre of city or our location of work. In these cases, the cost of travel will get added and the total cost of travel may come higher
  3. Identify your travel needs in the city – Typically you know where your meetings are how much you will need to travel within the city. It will be a good idea to stay in a locality from where you will get good public transport for all the local travel needed
  4. Focal location – If you are traveling for a conference or seminar then it is best to try and stay at either the same hotel or the hotel closest to it in terms of budget. The conferences tend to run till late in the day or there are associated dinners and networking. You shouldn’t have the tension of going back to a far away hotel in such cases. For example once I had to attend a conference at Hotel Shangri La in New Delhi. The rates at Hotel were more than INR 12,000 per night. I decided to stay at Hotel Janpath which I got at almost half the price with the benefit of just walking to Shangri La in 2 minutes.
  5. Hotel Loyalty points – Ofcourse if you have membership of a Hotel Loyalty program and that hotel chain is available in the city then it may make sense to stay there.

In one of my next articles I will share tips for choosing a Hotel for personal visits.

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